National Election Office to send letters to potential Hungarian voters living abroad

September 19, 2017

National Election Office will begin sending letters to potential voters abroad
Photo: Pixabay/naturalpastels

The National Election Office (NVI) will begin informing voting-age Hungarian citizens living outside the borders of Hungary about the necessity of registering to vote in next year’s general election, said NVI chair Ilona Pálffy at a press conference in Kolozsvár (Cluj-Napoca), Romania.

As reports, around 650,000 letters will be sent to Hungarian citizens abroad the second half of October. The addressees are Hungarian citizens who are not registered at a Hungarian address but are eligible to vote if they register for the election.

The NVI will also enclose a registration form in the case of those citizens who have not yet registered to vote. The 294,000 voters already in the electoral roll will receive a data modification form in case they want to notify the Hungarian authority of changes to their personal data.

Previously the NVI decided not to take action after Prime Minister Viktor Orbán sent a letter to Hungarians living outside Hungary urging voters to register for the 2018 general election. The NVI was responding to a complaint by Együtt party politician Viktor Szigetvári, in which he argued that Orbán’s letter amounted to party propaganda, and that only the election office is authorized to communicate with Hungarians beyond the border regarding elections due to the office’s non-partisan status. The NVI retorted by saying the question fell outside its authority.

According to data from the 2014 election, some 95 per cent of votes cast abroad were for Fidesz.