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National Security Committee: No evidence to corroborate Orbán-Russia blackmail claims

Members of the National Security Committee declared after a Wednesday session that the committee has no information to suggest Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is being blackmailed by Russian intelligence services, as former prime minister Ferenc Gyurcsány (pictured) has alleged in recent weeks.

The Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) called last Friday for the session in response to Gyurcsány’s claims in April that he has seen documents proving that Russian organizations possess information implicating Fidesz, and specifically Orbán, in official corruption and money laundering. MSZP requested that the National Security Committee hold a hearing where both Orbán and Gyurcsány would testify.

Neither Orbán nor Gyurcsány appeared at the committee meeting.

Committee president Zsolt Molnár (MSZP) called it “regrettable” that neither of the parties involved in the would-be scandal had showed up. Representatives of government agencies present at the meeting informed the committee that they did not possess information to suggest any security risks involving national sovereignty connected to sitting prime ministers since 1990.

Gyurcsány’s party Democratic Coalition (DK) released a statement Wednesday stating that Gyurcsány did not attend because he had been informed Orbán would not be present.

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