Németh: Internet tax protestors will grow tired and go home

October 29, 2014


Szilárd Németh, the Fidesz MP best associated with the politically popular household utility cost reduction program (reszicsökkentés), was the first governing party official to react to Tuesday’s internet tax demonstration.  Speaking on ATV’s morning talk show Start, Németh said the internet tax bill will not be withdrawn, the HUF 150/GB rate will stay, and in reality will “contribute to the development of internet usage” in Hungary. Commenting on the protest itself he said the following: “These people will disappear, just as they disappeared after protesting against the Fundamental Law, against the education law, as well as after the utility price reductions.”

Politics Can Be Different (LMP) co-chair Bernadett Szél reacted to Németh’s words, saying that disregarding the voices of several tens of thousand of Hungarians is a radical and grave mistake on behalf of the government. Szél said the crowds of demonstrators were “full with people, eyes bright, standing up for their rights”.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, who is vacationing this week in Switzerland, has reportedly told Fidesz MPs to “hold the line” until he returns.

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