Népszabadság editor-in-chief resigns over death of bicyclist

May 16, 2015

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On Wednesday pro-government news outlet Napi Gazdaság reported that the editor-in-chief of Hungarian newspaper Népszabadság, Marcell Murányi, had been involved in a hit-and-run on the corner of Rottenbiller and István streets in Budapest. Murányi apparently hit a bicyclist while turning the corner in his automobile. The cyclist died in hospital.

Murányi has been charged by Budapest police for “delayed assistance” because he had left the scene of the accident and only returned later. He has accepted responsibility for the charges.

In a statement Murányi released Wednesday, the editor-in-chief wrote that he didn’t realize he hit somebody but he did hear a strange sound. Only when he arrived home did he see the damage on his car, which prompted him to return to the scene of the accident where the police were already investigating.

Murányi has admitted his fault but insists he did not intentionally flee.

He announced on Thursday that he would resign as editor-in-chief of Népszabadság after learning the bicyclist had died while in hospital at the end of April.  “The police department’s medical experts are examining whether the [bicyclist’s] death is related to the injuries sustained during the accident,” Budapest police said.

Hungarian news website Index.hu says that, according to its sources, the bicyclist had gone into a coma after the accident and died on April 28th.

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