New era begins at Hungarian border fence

July 5, 2016


A new era has begun at the Hungarian-Serbian and Hungarian-Croatian borders. Hungarian authorities introduced a so-called “in depth border protection” Monday midnight, announced György Bakondi, Chief Security Advisor to the Prime Minister.

This means that those migrants who are apprehended within 8 kilometers of the border will be accompanied back to the gate at the border fence and will be directed to the nearest transit zone. The measure was authorized by Parliament a few weeks ago.

Asylum granted to 264

In another development, Bakondi announced that out of the 22,000 requests submitted this year, only 264 people have been granted asylum, meaning every 80th asylum seeker entering the country. Compared to 2015, there is a decrease in asylum requests: last year more than 177,000 were submitted.

The Chief Security Advisor said that 17,351 illegal border-crossers have been apprehended this year (compared to 391,000 last year), and 330 people are currently in police custody. Only 13 of them have been captured on the Croatian border section this year, which is negligible compared to the activity experienced on the Serbian section.

According to his information, proceedings have been instituted due to damaging the border fence in 4,942 cases since last September. Last year 1,176 people were charged with and taken to court due to people smuggling, while this year 163 persons have been brought to justice on this score.

Answering a question, Bakondi confirmed that a fight broke out between Afghanistani and Pakistani youths last week at the reception centre for underage migrants. Three people were lightly injured in the incident. The police instituted criminal proceedings due to disorderly conduct, the Chief Security Advisor said.