New US Deputy Chief of Mission says no changes made to US entry ban list

March 26, 2015

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US Embassy of Budapest Acting Deputy Chief of Mission Robert Riley says it is up to the Hungarian people to decide whether they are satisfied with the National Tax and Customs Administration’s internal investigation into alleged corrupt practices.

There hasn’t been a change in the number of Hungarians whose right to enter the United States has been temporarily suspended.  However, due to the media environment and the new US ambassador this matter has been pushed into the background, reports Magyar Nemzet, citing Riley.

The findings of the Hungarian tax authority’s internal investigation which were made public in early March suggest that the tax authority did not employ discriminatory measures against American companies. Riley says the tax authority made public only a small piece of its findings in this area and that it is up to the Hungarian people to decide for themselves whether its findings are enough to regain the public trust.

He also says that few things are more important right now than the battle against Islamic State, and he expressed appreciation to Hungary’s governing parties for supporting Hungary’s military participation in the international mission against Islamic State.

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