No charges filed yet in election office scandal

May 18, 2016


Few will ever forget the sight of buff skinheads obstructing Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) politician István Nyakó  from time-stamping his Sunday store closure referendum at the National Election Office in February.

Security camera footage clearly shows the faces of the young men crowding into the vestibule where the time clock is located in an obvious attempt to prevent Nyakó from being the first to submit a referendum question.  It did not take long for Hungarian media, using social media, to identify several individuals as employees of a Fidesz-linked security company.  However, Budapest police still haven’t gathered enough evidence to press charges against any of them, according to,

Hungarian media exposed several of the muscle-bound young skinheads as being employed by the security company.

No criminal charges have been filed in the wake of Hungary’s highest court, the Curia, finding that the skinheads deliberately blocked Nyakó.  Within weeks of the the high court validating Nyakó’s question, parliament repealed the unpopular Sunday store closure law. writes that the police have still not named or interviewed any suspects in connection with the National Election Office scandal.

Incidentally, a few days after the scandal, civil activist Márton Gulyás went to the National Election Office and plied its sign off the exterior wall of the building to symbolize the destruction of the rule of law and democracy in Hungary.

In that case, Hungarian authorities had no problem filing charges, convicting and sentencing Gulyás to one year probation — all within the span of one month.