Not even Viktor Orbán has read German conspiracy theorist’s book on Soros

November 28, 2017

Not even Viktor Orbán read German conspiracy theorist's book on Soros
Photo: Facebook/Orbán Viktor

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has not read known German conspiracy theorist and ufologist Andreas von Rétyi’s book about financier George Soros even though Fidesz’s parliamentary group ordered 5,000 copies, reports.

“In the name of the government, I have to reject the assumption that we deal with UFOs,” Orbán told the news site when asked whether he had read the book. “No, UFOs are not within the scope of the government’s authority.”

It seems that Orbán is not the only Fidesz politician who could not cite from von Rétyi’s book titled “George Soros: The multi-billionaire’s global network and the end of the world as we know it”. put the question to over two dozen Fidesz MPs, including numerous undersecretaries, on Monday. According to the news site, with the notable exception of one MP who had earlier purchased a copy for himself, the Fidesz MPs have not even seen a single copy out of the 5,000 the delegation had ordered.

This literacy rate is rather odd given that the ruling party’s parliamentary delegation bought the 5,000 specifically for its 104 MPs who were elected in single-member electoral districts. This means that every Fidesz individual constituency representative should have received 46 copies.

According to, something must have gone wrong during distribution as numerous colleagues of MPs asserted that they had picked up their books. It is worth noting that on Saturday Fidesz’s parliamentary group told Népszava that “there was demand [from MPs] for even more copies” than 5,000.

Based on’s information, the large order was initiated by then-leader of Fidesz’s parliamentary group Lajos Kósa in coordination with the Prime Minister’s Cabinet Office in September. contacted Minister overseeing the Prime Minister’s Cabinet Office Antal Rogán to learn why the Cabinet Office chose to order 5,000 copies of a book written by an infamous ufologist and conspiracy theorist. According to Rogán, the Cabinet Office chose von Rétyi’s book “because it is the only one which is translated into Hungarian.”