Not wishing to be part of Hungary’s “decorative opposition,” 4K! calls it quits

October 8, 2016


Hungary’s Fourth Republic! (4K!) party, so named for its insistence that a constitutional convention be convoked for drafting and adopting a new constitution , has decided not to run candidates for public office but rather to continue its work as a movement.

The small party issued the following statement over the weekend:

The congress of 4K! decided to end its activity as a political party and not to run candidates in the next parliamentary elections.  Accordingly we are splitting up the Fourth Republic Party but will continue our activity as a movement.  We would like to be there where it is possible to rally the fight against NER (System of National Cooperation-ed.)!

There is no point to figuring in the pseudo-democracy that Viktor Orbán has created in Hungary.  In a manner similar to Russia and Turkey, an authoritarian system works in our homeland that left democratic institutions to serve as decorations while it liquidated true democratic competition and the independence of the various branches of power.

In such a system an opposition party that accepts the one-sided rules of the game only supports the system.

We do not see how, within NER, it is possible as a party to struggle for the republican goals and not legitimize the system.

In a true democracy the goal of a party outside of government would be to get into parliament.  However, surveying the situation we see that we would not like to enter parliament under NER, as there is no particular point being there, as it is not possible to achieve important societal objectives there.  Thus there is no point to contesting elections.

The county has enough parties that only exist on paper.  We do not wish to join them.  For this reason we are ending the Fourth Republic Party.

This is not a happy decision.  But in this situation we see it to be the correct step.  We continue to believe in everything that 4K! represented. We are splitting up the party not because we do not consider republican principles to be true, but precisely because we hold them to be true.  To continue to figure in such a system would amount to a denial of our principles.  For this reason we recommend to the other opposition parties also that they stop legitimizing Orbán’s system and that they stop playing the role of a decorative opposition in parliament.