Number of those frozen to death this winter rises to 149

February 20, 2018

Number of those frozen to death this winter rises to 149
Photo: MTI/Péter Komka

Citing figures released by the Hungarian Social Forum (Magyar Szociális Fórum), reports that 149 people have frozen to death since autumn 2017. This number is almost double what the forum reported in mid-January.

According to the organization’s press release,

  • 53 percent of the victims died out in the open, in transit to a hospital, or shortly after arriving at a hospital;
  • 47 percent of the victims died in unheated homes;
  • Despite this year’s winter being less severe than last year’s, the risk of freezing to death is still very real as the people primarily affected are the 1-1.5 million Hungarians living in dire poverty; and
  • Last year, some 10-11,000 Hungarians lost their homes (without being provided shelter) as part of 3,600 evictions.

Disclaimer: We contacted the Hungarian Social Forum to ask how they obtained these figures. A representative of the organization told us the state does not provide official figures related to the number of people who freeze to death, therefore, the Hungarian Social Forum has taken it upon itself to gather data on this subject. This representative informed us that the organization will not disclose it’s own sources, nor would it disclose how it’s sources gathered these figures.