Obligatory refugee quota “would change the face of world civilization” says Orbán

September 23, 2016


An extensive interview with Viktor Orbán was published yesterday by origo.hu, the daily online purchased last year by vs.hu owner Tamás Szemerey with a grant from the central bank of Hungary whose governor happens to be Szeremey’s cousin, György Matolcsy.

On the subject of the October 2nd referendum on whether the EU should force Hungary to temporarily settle immigrants without the consent of parliament while their applications for asylum are processed, the Prime Minister said a number of his counterparts on the European Council had banded together to oppose the introduction of an obligatory refugee quota in the belief that the settlement of Muslim migrants “would change the face of world civilization” and Hungary’s culture.

Orbán said that were the EU to impose such a quota on Hungary, it would affect every one of the country’s 3200 settlements because the immigrants would be distributed among them.  For this reason, the head of government said he would like for every voter to participate in the referendum.  In his opinion, anyone who does not vote is not interested in the fate of his or her homeland.

Orbán denied that the government would call for elections to be brought forward in the event of a successful referendum.  “The people voted in 2014 and decided that for the next four years that the political powers they supported should handle the country’s affairs.  And we even undertook to do so.”

444.hu notes that the questions posed by origo.hu lacked the critical tone of the ones posed to Orbán ten years ago when his party was in opposition and when origo.hu was owned by Deusche Telekom.