One in five Hungarian citizens sign Fidesz petition opposing EU settlement plan

January 4, 2016

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One in five Hungarians have reportedly signed the Fidesz petition opposing the EU plan to settle asylum seekers in EU member states.

“I consider every fifth citizen signing an initiative for a given objective solidarity without example,” exclaimed Fidesz vice-president Gergely Gulyás on Monday.

The chairman of the parliamentary legislative committee believes it strengthens the legitimacy of the initiative.  “Since Europe is made up of democracies, in the end the opinion of Hungarians and those Europeans opposed to receiving hordes cannot be disregarded”, says the Orbán protégé, “especially considering the level of social opposition to this in Central European countries joining the European Union after 2004”.

When asked whether the signatures would be used to exert pressure, he answered that it clearly gives the government “greater room for maneuver if such a strong and demonstrative domestic support stands behind it”.