One in five requests for asylum within EU made in Hungary

June 20, 2015

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185,000 people requested asylum in EU Member States during the first three months of 2015 according to Eurostat. More than half of these requests were made in Germany (73,120) and Hungary (32,810).

In Hungary the vast majority of asylum seekers came from Kosovo, compared to 4,020 from Afghanistan and 2,415 from Syria.

According to Hungary’s state media, Hungary had the highest number of asylum seekers per capita. The average number of asylum seekers for every one million EU citizens is 365, while in Hungary that same number is 3,332. The average in Germany is 905 and 1,100 for Sweden.

The largest group of asylum seekers in Europe were from Kosovo. 48,870 Kosovars requested asylum in the EU, 29,095 from Syria and 12,910 from Afghanistan. While the number of asylum seekers this year has yet to exceed that of 2014, comparing the year-to-year data for the first three months of this year shows an 86 percent increase in 2015.

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