Opposition candidate wins Budapest District 4 by-election

March 23, 2015

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Low voter turnout helped the joint Hungarian Socialist Party-Democratic Coalition (MSZP-DK) candidate for Budapest District 4 city council, Dr. Zoltán Barrell, defeat the Fidesz candidate by a large margin.

The seat was vacated in December with the election of MSZP District 4 assemblyman Imre Horváth to parliament.  Horváth replaced Fidesz MP Péter Kiss who died last July.  Because members of parliament are no longer permitted to serve as district mayors or assemblymen, Horváth was required to resign his place on the District 4 city council.

Numbers clearly show disinterest on the part of district voters.  Out of 6241 qualified voters in District 4’s second electoral district, only 24 percent voted.

According to the National Election Office (NVI), joint opposition candidate Dr. Zoltán Barrell received 845 votes.  The candidate for Fidesz and the Association of Újpest, Mária Jánszkyné Ulman, came in second with 363 votes.  György Gál, Jobbik, received 133 votes.

Fidesz, with 12 deputies, is still the strongest party on the District 4 city council. MSZP follows them with 2 deputies, then LMP, DK, Jobbik, Together-PM and the Association of Újpest (UE) with one deputy each.  District mayor Zsolt Wintermantel also belongs to Fidesz party.