Opposition leaders offer Viktor Orban 50th birthday greetings

June 19, 2014

Hungarian news portal index.hu has asked opposition leaders what birthday greeting they would send prime minister Viktor Orban on the occasion of his 50th birthday.

Zoltan Balczo (Jobbik):   Before everything else I would wish him all the best (Isten ertessen) on the occasion of this landmark birthday.  I wish him happiness primarily with his family and in his personal life… I consider him to be an exceptionally talented politician… And I would wish that in the future he would later come to be seen as a statesman who was able to solve society’s biggest problems.

Ferenc Gyurcsany (DK):  In his capacity as a Hungarian citizen I wish him strength and good health.  In his capacity as a politician I wish that he falls from power as soon as possible… I wish this every day.  I believe he uses his indisputably good political talents for bad objectives.

Tibor Szanyi (MSZP):  Must I celebrate a dictator?… With his birthday party he practically destroyed Hungary.  If he wants to admire (his handiwork) then he is free to do so, but I am in no mood to celebrate this with him.  If there is anything to learn from him it is what one must not do to a country.

Andras Schiffer (LMP):   We have seen over the past weeks and months, and it spread on the internet, that there was an attempt… to organize a huge celebration.  Viktor Orban has keen political instincts and he sensed that this was beyond all boundaries.  When somebody builds a system in which his personal power has no effective limits, one calls him authoritarian for lack of a better term… I believe Orban has certain political sensibilities and instincts that other political actors should take into consideration.  He precisely pays attention to social conditions and goes as far as he can go without serious opposition.

Agnes Vadai (DK):  It is usually the birthdays of dictators one deals with.   We have a dictator named Viktor Orban.  His first four-year term was a kind of “lite” dictatorship.  Now he is showing “hard core” behavior in every respect.  I can imagine (that a number 50 bus was launched on the occasion of the prime minister’s birthday)… I can also imagine that everybody has to take 50 steps, be proud of the number 50, and be 50 years old on that day.

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