Opposition parties join Country For All Movement for November 18 rally

November 9, 2017

Opposition parties negotiate at the Agóra
Leaders of opposition parties at the Country for All Movement’s opening event | Photo: index.hu/Dániel Fiantok

After cancelling an action planned for the October 23 national holiday due to bad weather, the Country For All Movement (Közös Ország Mozgalom) has called for another rally of opposition groups and parties for November 18, merce.hu reports. The “Change and Truth for 2018” opposition election rally will be held at the Gödör Klub in Budapest, and will include the participation of nearly every opposition party except Jobbik and Momentum, which has another event that day.

According to movement leader Márton Gulyás, the participants at the rally will collectively determine “the mode of cooperation which will be the first step toward the defeat of this unfair system, toward the fulfillment of the demands of civilians and toward the road to a common country.”

At the event the movement will present a “civil platform” which shows what kinds of changes are needed in certain sectors in 2018 so that “we can finally live in a fairer society,” Gulyás said.

A video posted to YouTube by Gulyás invites all people who “want change, want to contribute and want to participate in this process” to “stand up against apathy” and join the rally.

Party leaders of MSZP, DK, Együtt, LMP, MLP and Párbeszéd have all pledged to participate. MoMa chairman Lajos Bokros will be abroad but has promised his party’s support.