Orbán: Cheap energy equals Paks, immigration equals terrorism

November 20, 2015


“Where there is meat, there are also flies,” Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in an interview with state-run radio this morning. He thinks European politicians want to spread terrorism throughout EU member states, that European immigration policies go against commonsense, which in turn destabilizes Europe, that the nation-state is at risk, and that “moderate centrist parties” such as Fidesz must take up the cause of fighting against the European solutions in the refugee crisis because (if they don’t) the voters will get behind “extremist parties outside the mainstream politics” who have stood up for the “truthful position” against Europe’s nonsensical immigration policy that has caused the loss of lives.


“We’re moving forward,” Orbán said. “In Hungary, the first priority in having cheap energy is to have Paks operating. Once the currently operating reactors are no longer usable, then there must be new reactors. So it’s a fundamental national interest for Hungary to see the nuclear reactors working, being maintained and expanded, otherwise the price of energy will increase. Cheap energy equals Paks. That’s why the Hungarian government will make sure the investment happens.”

According to Orbán, numerous nuclear reactors are being built around Europe in a manner that circumvented the EU-prescribed tendering process.

“We can again say that there’s a double standard at play here, but I’m not a whiner. Instead, I’ll concede that this has to do with lots of money – we’re talking about more than 10 billion dollars. We have spent this much on an investment since the fall of communism. We’re talking about the kind of technology that numerous Western countries are currently using. They, too, want to have their part in the business and the European Union is protecting their interests. That’s the way it is, where there is meat there are also flies.”

Terror attacks and immigration

“What’s more humane? To detain those crossing the borders unlawfully in an unsupervised manner, or risk putting the lives of innocent Europeans in dangers?” Orbán asked.

“Security and counter-terrorism must be a priority. We need to approach this entire migrant situation from another point of view because a significant portion of the migrants come from countries on whose lands we are currently conducting military operations — that is, military operations being carried out by numerous European countries. We might not like this because we don’t feel it’s happening, but the fact remains that we are carrying out military operations in Syria against somebody, even against that government. We’re also conducting military operations in Iraq. We’re also conducting military operations in Afghanistan,” Orbán said.

The Prime Minister maintains that with Europe engaged in military operations in the Middle East and central Asia, its enemies are fighting back by sneaking terrorists into Europe to attack us.

“It’s absolutely clear that there is a correlation between immigration and terrorism.  One doesn’t have to try to reason it out, it’s a fact — natural, obvious, widely known, and totally in line with elemental human logic.

“But despite this, numerous European leaders are saying that immigration policy doesn’t need to be changed because there is no correlation between terrorism and immigration. The gap between European leaders and the commonsense of European citizens is constantly growing wider and it’s destabilizing Europe.”

The Prime Minister went on to say that the “destabilization of Europe” caused by its leaders is causing support for the extremist parties “outside mainstream politics” because “the people aren’t willing to swallow this nonsensical immigration policy that has caused the loss of lives. Radical parties are standing up against it. I think we, the moderate centrist powers, must stand up against this too. We shouldn’t allow this question or the truthful position to be represented by the radical parties. If we allow the radical parties to be the representatives of the truthful position, then the people will follow those who are telling the truth and will follow the radical parties. That will lead to Europe becoming more radicalized and I don’t think anyone wants that.”

The quota system

“The quota system would spread terrorism across Europe,” Orbán said.

“Immigration increases the risk of terrorism, it increases crime rates, and endangers the cultural identity of our homeland and the nations of Europe.”

He is of the opinion that all the immigrants need to be sent back to Greece (if that’s where they entered the European Union) and should be held there until stability is returned in “Afghanistan, Syria and those other countries where they came from”.

European words

“There’s a reflex in European politics….there’s a ‘wonder-blabla’ in Europe that every politician says when they suddenly aren’t able to answer an important question. It’s sounds like this: ‘we need a European solution’. It turns out that there isn’t a European solution for immigration and it’s not even necessary. We need national solutions and every national government needs to act and carry out its duties in accordance to the contracts it committed to, and then there won’t be the problem that needs to be managed on the European level. I’m of the opinion that the immigration question, border protection and border enforcement questions needn’t be addressed on the European level, but instead need to be addressed on the nation-state level. If any of the nation-states don’t know how to complete the assignment, then they can ask for help. It must be them who solve the problem with outside help.”

Orbán said European leaders want to “take away border enforcement, border protection from the nation-state and create the illusion that somewhere in Brussels – or who knows where – someone will decide instead of us Hungarians”.