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Orbán claims there is an international conspiracy against Fidesz, Hungary

Photo: Facebook/Orbán Viktor

Speaking at a Fidesz parliamentary group meeting Thursday, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán reportedly made the following remarks:

  • Foreign business and political groups led by the Open Society Foundations’ George Soros want a government in Hungary that is weak and can be blackmailed.
  • Hungary’s government cannot be blackmailed because it is independent. With its post-2010 handling of the financial crisis, and by placing the energy sector, a portion of the banking sector and the German-owned media in “Hungarian hands”, the government’s risk of being blackmailed has ended.
  • What’s at stake in the upcoming election is whether Hungary will have a government that is susceptible to blackmail or one that is independent.
  • A government susceptible to blackmail would give up Hungary’s independence and sovereignty and turn it into a country of immigrants.
  • The opposition is controlled by businesses and foreign interest groups, their hopelessness gives rise to hate. Their campaigns over the next 50 days will be campaigns of hate. That is why they are hunting us down, because we stand in their way of turning Hungary and Europe into a country and continent of immigrants.
  • There is an internationally organized campaign to defame Hungary’s ruling party. International institutions and foreign newspapers are assisting in this. There are interest groups who pay and finance them because they believe they can achieve a change in government.
  • Foreign energy companies want to take back the profits they lost as a result of our mandatory price decreases. The banks want back the profits they lost from the bank tax. The international left, with the assistance of George Soros and Brussels, wants to force migrants on us.
  • We are not alone. We created the strong Central European alliance of the V4. We are in agreement with our neighbors, Serbia and Romania. We also have allies in Vienna and we have Christian government allies even more dedicated than us in Bavaria. Furthermore, we have allies in the centers of great power. The governments of Washington, Beijing and Moscow see Hungary as a friend.
Benjamin Novak :