Orbán: If Fidesz can stay in power, Hungary will overtake Austria by 2030

September 20, 2017

Orbán: If Fidesz can stay in power, Hungary will overtake Austria by 2030
Photo: Flickr/European People’s Party

Hungary will overtake Austria by 2030, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said last week at the Autumn summit of Fidesz’s parliamentary group in Velence. Although the whole meeting was held behind closed doors, hvg.hu managed to contact some of the participants afterward.

According to the daily’s sources, Orbán’s primary message was that the upcoming decade’s most pressing issues are the unstoppable immigration into Europe and declining populations. According to Orbán, those countries that can give an adequate answer to these challenges will leave their competitors far behind by the end of the next decade. Based on his vision, if Fidesz can stay in power for another 12 years, Hungary will overtake its neighboring countries, most of all Austria.

In his speech, Orbán stressed the importance of achieving the rate of 2.1 children per every adult compared to the current 1.48 by 2030, and envisaged a new set of long-term policies incentivizing childbearing. To the surprise of those present, he also spoke about the importance of informatics and digitalization, topics with which the Prime Minister has a notoriously bad relationship.

According to hvg.hu, some MPs voiced concerns regarding whether the topics of George Soros and immigration are still able to catch voters’ attention. Orbán reassured the audience that the public still resonates with these topics, hence a new national consultation on the so-called “Soros plan” is fully justified. According to the interpretation of some of the participants, Soros became the archenemy of the government because Orbán does not see a formidable challenger among the opposition leaders.

In addition to the familiar Soros and Brussels bashing, the Prime Minister stressed the necessity of finding so-called “80-20 questions”, topics that, according to Fidesz’s internal polls, have a broad social acceptance and can address non-hardcore Fidesz voters. One of these, namely that only Fidesz can protect the country from immigrants, will be the primary topic of the campaign. However, according to Orbán, during the campaign Fidesz should also stress that so long as Fidesz remains in power, people’s economic situation will improve, their wages will increase, and their taxes will decrease.

Despite his condescending remarks on Jobbik and the Socialist Party (MSZP) and Fidesz’s comforting lead, Orbán warned MPs not to be self-confident and pretentious. “One needs exactly the same amount of energy investment for a small victory as for a big one,” he said, and later added that it would be unwise to define a concrete goal such as winning a two-thirds parliamentary majority. “We must win and that’s all,” Orbán concluded his thoughts.