Orbán: Gov’t knows 2,000 Soros agents by name

April 3, 2018

Orbán: Gov't knows 2,000 Soros agents by name
Photo: orbanviktor.hu

“Approximately 2,000 people are working in Hungary to overthrow the government in the election campaign and replace it with a pro-immigration cabinet favorable to George Soros as well,” Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said during his weekly radio address on state-run Kossuth Rádió Friday morning, reports state news agency MTI.

“We know exactly, by name, who these people are and how do they operate in order to turn Hungary into an immigrant country,” Orbán said, adding that this is why the government had proposed the “Stop Soros” legislative package in February.

The Prime Minister alleged that new recordings emerge one after the other, in which “officers of the Soros army” are heard speaking about their operation. Orbán presented a conspiracy theory, according to which Hungarian-American hedge fund manager and philanthropist George Soros pays activists to form NGOs that officially fight for goals in accordance with the “ideologies of George Soros’s empire.” The most important of these goals, according to Orbán, are immigration and the termination of a Europe that is based on national and Christian values.

Orbán went even further when he claimed that the Soros NGOs with the active help of “Brussels” attack anti-immigration governments, then by meddling in the elections, seek to send representatives loyal to Soros into national parliaments. Eventually, these representatives infiltrate national governments and transform countries as per Soros’s bidding.

The Prime Minister who now alleges that he knows 2,000 people by name who are enemies of the nation two weeks ago promised to exact vengeance after the election on April 8.