Orbán hopes to trigger referendum tsunami across Europe

August 25, 2016


For Fidesz, victory in the anti-EU refugee quota referendum on October 2 will only happen if at least 4 million voters go to the polls and the majority of them vote “No”. It is wrong to assume that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán considers the voter turnout to be irrelevant, a source with insight into the ruling party’s communication campaign told Figyelő.

Rather, it is a matter of life and death, the source with intimate knowledge of Fidesz’s party machine said when asked why it is that all day long the state-controlled media spews information about “waves of migrants, terror risks and mandatory resettlement” to secure “No” votes in the referendum.

Ruling party politicians, experts and jurists are making every possible case to encourage voters to reject the EU’s compulsory resettlement plan.

The referendum campaign officially started last week but it will really kick into high gear after September 1, reports Figyelő.

“Every minister and undersecretary will travel around the country,” a source told Figyelő. “In addition to dealing with issues related to their specialty, they will also have to make strong cases about the importance of the referendum, that Hungary’s future is at stake! Serious mobilization is what is expected. Languid speech will not be enough. [These politicians] are expected to really get into it.”

Ministers at war

As one minister told Figyelő, no one can be lukewarm, everyone must express the utmost conviction in support of the government’s position, and the local media will also be included in the campaign.

The Prime Minister and his group of advisors have made it clear that “this is a serious battle, never has Hungary been under so much pressure, and never since the fall of communism has there been an issue that has had so much riding on it”.

According to Figyelő‘s sources, Orbán wants a “No” vote so resounding that it will set off a referendum tsunami across Europe. He expects Hungary’s example to boost the confidence of other countries to launch referendums rejecting the resettlement of refugees against the wishes of their own governments.