Orbán: Hungary’s sovereignty depends on receiving EU funds

September 18, 2015


Hungary is now building a 41-kilometer fence along the country’s southern border with Croatia because “the Western Balkan human smuggling trail continues to operate”, Hungary is the target of an “armed and organized” attack from Serbia, Europe is struggling from a bout of “suicidal liberalism”, and the European Union had better not take away Hungary’s structural funds because that money makes the country a sovereign nation — said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in his weekly radio address Friday morning.

The Prime Minister admitted that Hungary’s border fence with Serbia has caused refugees to seek entrance to the European Union by traveling west through Serbia to Croatia.

Orbán expressed his dissatisfaction with Serbian authorities for “holding up the Hungary-bound illegal immigrants”. His dissatisfaction also extends to Croatia for not doing more to stem the flow of refugees into Hungary through the country’s southwestern border with Croatia.

“We have to do the same thing we did on the Serbia-Hungary border,” he said. “We started construction of another fence last night. Several hundred police and soldiers were sent down there last night. We already have 600 soldiers down there now, another 500 will arrive there today, and an additional 700 soldiers will arrive there over the weekend. There are about 200 police down there now, another 100 will arrive today, and an additional 500 will arrive there over the weekend. So, we’re redistributing our forces to over there and we’ve started the construction of the temporary technical border fence.”

Despite rejecting the Europe Commission’s numerous attempts to seek consensus on an EU-wide action plan to deal with the refugee crisis, Orbán is convinced it is everyone else who does not want to work with Hungary.

“We can’t count on others — not on the Croatians and not on the Serbians. In Serbia, the police weren’t even willing to stop those who attacked our police. So, every friendship, collaboration, good intention, good neighborly relation is important, but we have to see that when there is a situation in the south, we can’t count on help from either the Serbians or the Croatians,” he said.

Then he compared himself to János Hunyadi

“What’s even worse news is that we can’t expect help from the West.  János Hunyadi [a leading Hungarian military and political figure in Central and southeastern Europe during the 15th century] had it the same. So the situation is just that on top of not helping us….we can’t expect the West to tone down its criticism of us,” Orbán said.

The clash of refugees and police at Röszke was “an armed and organized attack from Serbia”

“The situation is both politically and legally pretty simple. Hungary and the police protecting Hungary’s border were the target of an armed and organized attack from Serbia. This armed and organized attack which came from the lands of Serbia was not stopped in any way by Serbia. Not only did they not try to stop it, they didn’t even try to prevent it. They just watched as it happened. The Serbian police were just watching as their Hungarian colleagues were targeted by an attacking coming from Serbia. The Hungarian police protected themselves and the country’s borders.”

Europe is suffering from a bout of “suicidal liberalism”

The prime minister went on to connect providing asylum to refugees with jumping off a building — “it’s suicide”.

“There is a problem in people’s minds. In Europe today there is a variant of liberalism that is emerging in the minds of those who control the media, and in the heads of many journalists, in the minds of thinkers and public figures, and – what’s even worse – in the minds of politicians, a type of liberalism that we can call ‘suicidal liberalism’. What we are doing is causing us to narrow the opportunities of our own existence, we are harming the quality of our own lives, we are putting our own values at risk, we are endangering our own lifestyles! This is suicide! If someone jumps off the twentieth floor, someone with a liberal perspective will say that person is free to do that, but looking at it from my perspective it looks a lot like suicide,” Orbán said.

Don’t take away our EU funds because that makes us a sovereign nation!

In response to a question concerning his thoughts on the EU threatening to withhold structural funds from Member States opposing an EU action plan to deal with the refugee crisis, the Prime Minister became heated and defensive.

He said structural funds given to Hungary are not charity, it is money that Hungary deserves because otherwise the country would be a colony (sic).

“It is difficult to use light language when reacting to any talk [in the EU] about connecting any discussion of money to the issue of immigration. Not to mention that….I don’t think [Hungary] gets money as ‘help’ from the West. This is a complete misunderstanding. We can’t accept that and I have never accepted this idea that they are giving us money out of solidarity.  Like heck they are! What we’re talking about is that Hungary is the member of a common economic zone. We had to live under communism for 40 years while they had 40 years of capitalism. They are rich and have lots of capital, while we are poor and lack capital because we’ve lived under communism. Regardless of this, we together decided to unite our economic areas. It’s completely obvious that we can’t have honest and fair competition between businesses, people and countries that have had 40 years to become rich while the other group was robbed for 40 years. There has to be some kind of mechanism that provides fair and honest competition for these two groups to interact in. If we didn’t have this, they would invade us economically. We would be a colony if this disparity was allowed to stand. They know this too because they’ve had colonies,” Orbán said.