Orbán: Infringement procedure on NGO law is pathetic

October 6, 2017

Photo: MTI/Szilárd Koszticsák

Brussels is under the influence of George Soros, and it wants to dismantle the border fence on Hungary’s southern border, let immigrants into Europe, distribute them among the Member States of the European Union and punish those who do not obey, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on state radio’s 180 perc program on Friday morning, Magyar Nemzet reports.

Speaking about the upcoming national consultation on the “Soros plan” the Prime Minister said that if Hungary is willing to protect its interests, everybody in Brussels should feel that the vast majority of Hungarian society also stands for national interests, which the Hungarian government represents.

Orbán called the infringement procedure initiated because of Hungary’s controversial NGO law “pathetic”, arguing that the move initiated by “Brussels bureaucrats” was prepared on political orders and “competent lawyers would not even touch it.” The Prime Minister stated that the document is “a subject of laughter all over Europe.”

Orbán also commented on the Central European University (CEU) finally fulfilling the requirements of Hungary’s recently-passed higher education law. He portrayed the event as a victory of the Hungarian government that for months insisted on negotiating with the United States’ federal government on the matter, which according to the US constitution has no authority to negotiate about matters of higher education. Despite the fact that according to the agreement between CEU and Bard College in New York, the university will be able to operate in an unchanged form, Orbán said “even billionaire […] American-Hungarian dual citizens” must comply with the law, referring to CEU founder George Soros.

On Hungarian politics, Orbán denied that the campaign for the 2018 election is already on. “We are still far from that,” he said, and added that “the government cannot campaign, it does not have time for that because it has to work.”