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“Orbán is building a dictatorship” says Juhász

According to Együtt (Togther) deputy chairman Péter Juhász, it is not from multinational corporations or Brussels that Hungary needs to be protected, but rather from Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and ruling party Fidesz.

In a statement given to state news agency MTI on Saturday, the anti-corruption politician emphasized that the events which took place in front of the National Election Office (NVI) on Tuesday prove that “Orbán is building a dictatorship, and that authorities are helping in this, including Chief Prosecutor Péter Polt”.

Juhász said that over the past six years the Chief Prosecutor’s Office had yet to initiate a single legal procedure related to corruption.  He said the Hungarian courts had failed to convict anyone for corruption “even as Fidesz party soldiers steal thousands of billions [of forints]”.

On Tuesday, toughs linked to Fidesz prevented a Hungarian Socialist Party attempt to lodge an application for a referendum on the government-imposed Sunday shopping restrictions.

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