Orbán: We are living times of great transformation!

November 10, 2016


Speaking at a European Bank for Reconstruction and Development conference in Budapest, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán simply could not contain his excitement about Brexit and Donald Trump’s election.

A clip of his speech was posted to the Facebook page of the Hungarian government. Here’s what he said:

Esteemed ladies and gentlemen, this is the second day of that historical event when it appears that Western civilization has successfully liberated itself from the captivity of an ideology. I am convinced that it has always been good for Western culture and the Western economy when it was able to tear itself away from an ideology and return to reality. I believe we are living these times right now.

We called this liberal non-democracy, and we have been living in this for the past twenty years of our lives. This era is now finished. We can now return to real democracy. We can return to the liberating straight talk from the disabling forcefulness of political correctness. We can return to democracy. We can talk about the realities of problems for what they are, and the solutions of these problems do not have to be based on ideologies, but rather on pragmatic and commonsense creative ideas.

I am convinced we are experiencing great times. We even view Brexit through this perspective. Brexit is not a tragedy at all. It is not a defeat. It is an attempt by a great nation to make itself successful by means other than those held by everyone earlier. Therefore, I am convinced that all of Europe and the Western world has taken steps toward experiencing a great intellectual transformation in recent months. We must not fear this. We must see the opportunities that rest in this transformation, just as we did in 2010 during the crisis. Hungary did not look at the problems but the opportunities, and seizing on these opportunities, Hungary transformed itself into an economy that we can exchange ideas about here.