Orbán ordered to pay up for Gyurcsány slander

April 29, 2016


Prime Minister Viktor Orbán lied when he said that former prime minister Ferenc Gyurcsány’s company, Altus Zrt., was awarded a tender by the European Commission to pay for his political party’s activities, according to a first-level court decision issued today.

The “lie” was repeated ad nauseam by Fidesz officials and was featured prominently in the weekly marathon press conferences held by Minister Overseeing the Office of the Prime Minister János Lázár.

The first-level court has ordered Orbán to pay HUF 270,000 in court fees and issue an apology to Gyurcsány.

According to Gyurcsány, who was Socialist prime minister from 2004 to 2009, the case demonstrates that the current prime minister of Hungary is capable of telling even the most unscrupulous of lies, and he can be defeated “morally, socially and politically”.

Index.hu reports Fidesz released a statement shortly after the court decision.

According to Fidesz:

  • Gyurcsány is hiding behind his lawyer;
  • Altus Zrt.’s contract with the European Commission smells rotten;
  • Even the blind are able to see that Brussels is financing Gyurcsány through the company; and in exchange for which
  • Gyurcsány is performing political services for the European Union.