Orbán praises Hungarian prosecutors, lambasts migrants

June 9, 2016


Thursday, June 9th, was Prosecutor’s Day in Hungary. This year, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán delivered an appreciative speech celebrating the nation’s prosecutor’s office.

Amidst a growing chorus of criticism for turning a blind eye to official corruption, prosecutors assembled at today’s festivities were told by Orbán to disregard such attacks.

Keep on doing what you’re not doing!

“Do not concern yourselves with these political attacks, do not allow them to influence your work,” Orbán told them. “You are one of the most important pillars holding up this system.”

According to Orbán, the era of European powers trying to legitimize their power through “economic success” is over.

“The simple explanation for this is that the global economy is undergoing changes so great that unless it can reform itself, the European Union will not be able to retain its positions in the global economic race,” the prime minister said.

According to Orbán, Central Europe does not fall into this category because “Central Europe, as we clearly see, can show for itself economic growth that exceeds that of what is happening in the rest of the European Union”.

Therefore, Orbán reasoned, Central Europe will not have to worry about losing its power position unless it does something absolutely stupid in the coming years.

Hungarian prosecutors must do everything they can to protect the country’s current legal system because this is what will guarantee the country’s economic competitiveness in the future, he said.

According to him, the future legitimacy of Europe’s elite rests entirely on whether they can focus on law and order (as in the case of Hungary).

“Now, in times of mass migration, the importance of the rule of law is more increasingly important,” he said. “Illegal immigration, in and of itself, is a serious danger. The moral debate that has emerged [with regards to illegal immigration] is a serious challenge to Europe’s legal system.”

Orbán attempts to justify Hungary’s callous treatment of asylum seekers

“There is a difference between ‘moral foundations’ and ‘moralizing’. Moral foundations strengthen the justice system. The ‘moralizing’ discussions, which relativize legal rules, explicitly hinder and destroy the justice system,” Orbán said.

“Therefore, we aren’t in an easy situation. Mass migration is one problem. But the legal discourse prompted by mass migration have generally become ‘moralizing’ discussions and this puts European organizations that deal with the justice system in an extremely difficult situation. We Hungarians made it clear from the start that we expect the newcomers to abide by the law. Those who arrive to us by kicking in the door and those who break the law upon our first meeting should not even expect a friendly welcome from us in Hungary.”