Orbán praises Trump vision, criticizes EU failures

January 23, 2017

MTI photo: Szilárd Koszticsák

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán praised statements made by American President Donald Trump during last week’s inauguration address in Washington, saying that Trump’s words demonstrate that Hungary now has a right to place its own interests first.

“We got permission from the highest place in the world that we too are free to place ourselves first,” Orbán said at the Lámfalussy lectures conference in Budapest on Monday. “This is a great thing, a great freedom, a great gift.”

Orbán was referring to a section of Trump’s inauguration speech in which the US President decreed a “new vision” that would govern America and would always place “America first,” a slogan used by American Nazi sympathizers opposed to the United States entering the Second World War. According to Orbán, Trump’s statements opened up the possibility for all countries to place their own interests first and to engage in bilateral agreements with other countries on military and economic issues.

Orbán said Europe must give up its “illusion of federalism” and create a multi-polar continent.

“The European continent is getting weaker, and we must soon struggle for the status of regional roles,” he said. “Europe has been unable to achieve its great aims, for example with the euro, with European security policy, and with the Eurasian Economic Union.” Brussels had become “the prisoner of a utopia”, which he said European elites call “the Europe above nations.”

“But there is no European people, there are European peoples,” Orbán said.