Orbán promises to exact vengeance after general election

March 15, 2018

Orbán tilts at windmills, promises delivery of vengeance after general election 1
Viktor Orbán delivering his commemorative speech on Kossuth square in Budapest | Photo: The Prime Minister’s Office

Speaking in front of Hungary’s parliament building on March 15, a national holiday commemorating the start of the the 1848 uprising, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán delivered the kind of speech we have come to expect from autocrats prepared to say and do anything to stay in power.

“We will again decide on Hungary’s fate” in the upcoming election, said the prime minister, warning that there are those who want to “strip the country,” not with the stroke of a pen as happened at Trianon a century ago, but “over the coming decades they want us to give ourselves over to others.”

By “others,” he was referring to those who are from elsewhere, do not speak Hungarian, and do not respect Hungary’s culture, laws or way or life.

According to Orbán, large western nations “are losing their country city by city, district by district.”

He said foreign and international powers, “with the support of their domestic minions,” are trying to coerce Hungary into accepting migrants.

Orbán also spoke about his favorite bogeyman, George Soros, telling the Hungarian-American businessman and philanthropist to go back to America and stay there.

The prime minister accused all opposition politicians and NGOs of being Soros’ stooges, and announced that Hungary would fight against Soros’ empire and its nefarious plans for Hungary.

He also said Europe is being invaded.

In other words, the prime minister didn’t really say anything new, except for vowing to exact vengeance after the general election on April 8.

“We are a tame and jovial people, but we are neither blind nor [gullible]. Naturally, after the elections, we will get our satisfaction – moral, political, and legal satisfaction – but we cannot waste our energy or time with this right now. Let’s shake the attacks off ourselves like a dog shakes the water (off its body),” he said.

And it wouldn’t be an Orbán speech without blaming Hungary’s problems on a super-national class of speculators (aka rich Jews like George Soros-ed.). The prime minister said his enemies are not open, but hidden; not straight, but dodgy; not honorable, but unscrupulous; not national, but international; they don’t believe in work, they speculate with money; they have no home because they feel the world belongs to them; and they always attack the heart — especially if it’s red, white and green.