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Orbán says he will not apologize to teachers

“I consider this to be a joke,” responded Prime Minister Viktor Orbán when asked whether he would concede to Blanka Teleki Gymnasium director István Pukli’s demands for an apology over the crisis in public education.

A reporter with Hungarian daily Népszabadság asked Orbán about his thoughts on the matter Wednesday in parliament.

“The whole thing sounded so funny,” said the prime minister. He added that he would not take part in the teachers’ hour-long strike.

“I’m coming to work,” Orbán said.

Népszabadság reported Wednesday that as many as 35,000 people turned out for the protest on March 15th to support the movers and shakers responsible for making the poor state of public education into a national issue.

It was at this rally that Pukli demanded Orbán and President János Áder apologize for humiliating Hungarian educators.

Pukli went on to call on all Hungarians – not just teachers – to go on strike if Orbán and Áder do not make the apology.

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