Orbán sees leftist “master plan” behind refugee crisis

November 12, 2015


Hungarian news site 444.hu reports that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán recently gave an interview to the Swiss weekly Die Weltwoche. The interview showcases Orbán’s determination to turn the refugee crisis into a left-wing conspiracy.

“I don’t know precisely what is happening and I don’t want to blame anyone, but there is a suspicion that this isn’t a coincidence,” Orbán said. “I’m not brave enough to discuss this openly but [the situation] is part of some kind of masterplan.”

Whose masterplan?

“That’s the most difficult question. We have to identify several left-wing studies that have appeared in recent years that deal with the future of the European Union, society and a possible European superstate. I’m now rereading these article and essays and I keep seeing that the authors are demanding weaker nation-states. These authors think the nation-state has less of a role between individual and superstate, and therefore they want a new relationship. The European left-wing and radical American Democrats have created a theory for the new world. It would be shallow of me to infer that this is the motivation behind migration, but I’m sure it’s related to the migration question.”

Why do the European and American radicals want to put Europe into chaos?

“There is evidence and experience which shows that the overwhelming majority of these migrants would later become left-wing voters once they establish themselves here. They would seek to import left-wing voters into Europe.”

Orbán said German Chancellor Angela Merkel (one of the world’s most influential conservative politicians) is only acting in favor of immigration “because she’s in charge of a coalition government with the social democrats without whom they wouldn’t have a majority.

“If Greece was able to abide by the Schengen rules, then we wouldn’t have this problem. If the Greeks aren’t capable of doing this, then we must try to convince them to do it. If we can’t force them to do it, then we’re going to need a second line of defense.”

He didn’t elaborate on what that second line of defense might entail.

Orbán, the last brave European leader

“I know lots of European leaders who share my opinions. They just have to speak differently in public. That doesn’t mean they aren’t brave, it’s not hypocrisy, and it’s not that they are intellectually weak.”

The prime minister said his message of having to defend Christian Europe isn’t going over that well in the European Council.

“When I speak about a Christian Europe in the European Council, the rest of them look at me as if I’ve come from the Middle Ages,” he said.

The Hungarian position

“The way we look at this is very simple. We weren’t the ones who destroyed the countries [the refugees] are coming from. It wasn’t us who bombed them. We didn’t invite anyone to come here. And now those who did the bombing and the inviting are trying to settle [the refugees] in [Hungary]. Is this fair?”