Orbán: “Soros plan” most successful national consultation to date

December 4, 2017

Orbán: it has been the most successful national consultation
Photo: MTI/Noémi Bruzák

“It has been the most successful national consultation, the people have a clear stand on the question of immigration,” Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on Kossuth Rádió’s 180 perc program, index.hu reports.

In his weekly radio interview on Friday, Orbán said that so far 2.2 million people have sent back filled-out forms for the latest national consultation. Even at this moment tens of millions of people are knocking on Europe’s door, later there will be hundreds of millions, so it is Hungary’s vital interest to resist this, he said. “There is a silly ongoing debate whether there is a Soros plan, [but] it was Soros himself who presented his ideas as a plan,” Orbán added.

“If he doesn’t want to influence Brussels, then why did he go there?”

Regarding George Soros, the Prime Minister said we are not just dealing with a network but also with a talented man. According to Orbán, Soros seeks to weaken those countries that resist the EU’s resettlement plan.

On the subject of the Hungarian-American philanthropist’s recent response to the government’s anti-Soros propaganda, Orbán claimed “the Soros network has entered the Hungarian election campaign”.

Regarding this week’s Chinese regional summit in Budapest, Orbán said it was not a simple meeting of diplomats but that “the future of the Hungarian economy” was at stake. He also commented on the questionable profitability of the Budapest-Belgrade rail line upgrade announced on Monday, saying: “The mere fact that [the line] goes through us [will result in] a change in our significance, our ability to influence, in our weight.”