Orbán submits constitutional modification proposal

October 10, 2016


Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has officially submitted his proposal to modify Hungary’s “etched in granite” constitution for the seventh time in five years. Hungary’s Fundamental Law was unilaterally adopted by the governing Fidesz-KDNP political alliance in 2011.

A sentence will be added to “National Avowel [sic].”

Following the sentence,

“We honour the achievements of our historical constitution and we honour the Holy Crown, which embodies the constitutional continuity of Hungary’s statehood and the unity of the nation,”

This sentence will appear:

“We hold that the defense of our constitutional self-identity, which is rooted in our historical constitution, is the fundamental responsibility of the state.”

Paragraph 2 of Article E of the Fundamental Law will be amended to read:

“Hungary, as a Member State of the European Union and in accordance with the international treaty, will act to the extent necessary in accordance with the rights and responsibilities granted by the founding treaty, in conjunction with powers granted to it under the Fundamental Law together with other Member States and European Union institutions. The powers referred to in this paragraph must be in harmony with the fundamental rights and freedoms established in the Fundamental Law and, in addition, they must not limit Hungary’s inalienable rights concerning its territorial integrity, its population, its form of government, and its state structure.

Article R of Article 3 (paragraph 4) will be amended to include:

“It is the responsibility of every state institution to defend Hungary’s constitutional identity.”

Article 4 (1), paragraphs 1-3 will be replaced with the following text:

“(1) No alien population can be settled in Hungary. Foreign citizens, not including the citizens of countries in the European Economic Area, in accordance with the procedures established by the National Assembly for Hungarian Territory, may have their documentation individually evaluated by Hungarian authorities.
(2) Hungarian citizens on Hungarian Territory cannot be deported from Hungarian Territory, and those outside the country may return whenever they so choose. Foreigners residing on Hungarian Territory may only be deported by means of legal adjudication. It is forbidden to perform mass deportations.
(3) No person can be deported to a state, nor can any person be extradited to any state, where they are in danger, discriminated against, subject to persecution, or where they are at risk of any other form of inhumane treatment or penalty.”

Paragraph 4 of Article XIV. will be expanded with the following text:

“(4) Hungary will provide asylum to non-Hungarian citizens if the person’s country of origin or other countries do not provide protection, and also to those who, in their homeland or place of residence, are persecuted for their race, ethnicity, social standing, religion, or political convictions, or if their fear of persecution is grounded.”