Orbán tells Arab bankers everyone is welcome in Hungary

June 10, 2015


Hungary is an open and friendly country where there are no barriers to investing, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on Tuesday at the annual Union of Arab Banks summit held this year in Budapest.

The foreign investors create jobs in Hungary and that’s why they’re our friends, Orbán said. He added that public safety is great in Hungary and the country “has a culture of respect” while other countries on this side of the planet are starting to lose their respect.

Everyone is respectfully welcomed in Hungary, said Orbán.

People arriving from the Muslim world do not feel like they are being threatened, Hungarians see them as representatives of an advanced civilization, and “we aren’t ashamed to learn from them occasionally”.

Orbán said that only those countries which are open, cooperative, friendly and which develop ties with distant countries can be successful. Hungary’s political and economic ties to the Arab world are key to Hungary’s success, he said.

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