Orbán calls on mayors to make sure “Hungarian people are ready to defend Hungary”

February 9, 2018

Orbán uses conference with mayors to (again) vow to protect Hungary's ethnic in-group
Photo: MTI/Szilárd Koszticsák

Speaking in Veszprém to a conference of mayors representing Hungarian cities, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán called on mayors to “personally help make sure the Hungarian people are ready to defend Hungary.”

The Prime Minister informed the mayors that:

  • The UN is now dealing with global migration, which shows that this is no longer a Hungarian or EU issue.
  • Diversity brings no value but is merely a quality, and just because something is colorful and diverse doesn’t make it more valuable than what is not diverse.
  • “We do not want to be made diverse by being mixed…with others.” He added, “We want to be as we were 1100 ago here in the Carpathian Basin.” (The Prime Minister’s comment belies the fact that since their arrival in the heart of Europe, Hungarians intermixed extensively with other peoples, including Saxons, Swabians, Slovaks, Romanians, Serbs, various Turkish peoples, and even Persians-ed.).
  • Migration is dangerous and bad and Hungary wants no part in it.
  • If Hungary is not vocal about its opinion in the international debate, “crafty diplomacy” will cause [Hungary] “to lose our way” and “we will lose our future.” (State news agency MTI quotes Orbán as saying “el fognak bennünket téríteni” which implies forceful conversion, which is consistent with Orbán’s desire to portray the refugee crisis as a holy war between Islam and the guardians of European Christianity-ed.)
  • “Finally, we have a future worth protecting.”

On his vision for Hungary, Orbán said:

  • The government is now launching a program to provide additional funding for mid-sized cities.
  • The “village train cart” will be attached to the “development train.”
  • Municipalities should only ask for funding for sustainable projects. (One of the problems with the government’s aggressive stadium building program is that their upkeep is not sustainable without public funds.)
  • Rumors that Hungary’s municipalities will lose their autonomy is fake news and poppycock.
  • Hungary is “starting to look good.”
  • The government will give the host city Veszprém a viaduct and a swimming pool.

This is the second time the prime minister used a meeting of prominent Hungarians to make the case for preserving the country’s “ethnic homogeneity,” which he claimed in an address to the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry last February was necessary in order for Hungary to be successful.