Orbán wants Debrecen refugee camp closed and people sent home

May 19, 2015

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Prime Minister Viktor Orbán visited Debrecen on Monday and discussed, among other things, the situation regarding refugees in Hungary.

Orbán says a distinction must be made between refugees and migrants. He says the latter is made up of those who left their country in the hopes of living a better life.

“You cannot arrive in a country in a manner in which your arrival already violates the country’s laws”, Orbán said. “The illegal crossing of a border is a criminal act.”

Speaking at a press conference in Debrecen, Orbán said the future of Debrecen’s refugee camp was a theme during his visit. He said he would like to see Debrecen’s refugee camp closed and those living there sent home.

Orbán said he would be visiting Strasbourg on Tuesday because “Hungary has once again turned up on the European Parliament’s agenda” in part because of Hungary’s position and refugee policies.

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