Orban: You too can join Team Hungary!

January 4, 2014


Last year Fidesz volunteers collected 2.2 million signatures in support of government mandated household utility price cuts.  Fidesz communications director Mate Kocsis announced today that Fidesz had sent letters inviting those who signed to attend one of 119 forums to be held throughout the country with the participation of some 30 Fidesz and KDNP politicians and government officials.  Kocsis claimed that at a time when the government was planning a third round of household utility price cuts, the left-wing and its foreign supporters were planning to do away with them.

Translation of letter recently sent to Budapest 1st District residents by Fidesz party chairman, Viktor Orban, Hungary’s prime minister.

Dear friends,

We are writing to you because Hungary again needs your help.  We must unite in order to further decrease household utility costs.

Over the course of last year we proved that together we are able to order the utility companies to stop.  We protected the interests of Hungarian families by decreasing household utility costs 20 per cent.

The struggle however is not over.

The foreign utility companies – using domestic and international political connections – are trying to do away with the cost reduction.  They want to use next year’s elections to  achieve their interests.

If we want to protect our mutually achieved results, then we need to once again come together.  We will once again be holding a consultation near your place of residence, where we will agree on the the necessary plans to protect the decrease in household utility costs.

The most important thing now is that we organize ourselves.  That’s why at the consultations we will be creating Team Hungary to protect our results.  Those of us who belong to this team, believe Hungarians are not second class citizens in Europe, and that for this reason it is not fair that we have to pay more for our public services than other European citizens.

You too can join the team!

You can join Team Hungary at the consultation.  If you cannot come, then you can join up at the telephone number at the bottom of the letter!

Allow us to wish you a new year rich in success!

Go Hungary! Go Hungarians!


Viktor Orban                                                   Antal Rogán