Orbán’s home village to spend billions on new sports hall

July 7, 2016

Puskás Academy in Felcsút

Like most Hungarian villages, Felcsút has always had a church and a pub. But unlike most Hungarian villages, the birthplace of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is also home to a 3500-seat soccer stadium built at a cost to Hungarian taxpayers of HUF 3.8 billion (USD 1,3 million). Now, the community of 1812 people will also get a luxurious sports hall at nearly twice the cost, writes online daily 24.hu based on an article of the Hungarian economic weekly, Figyelő.

The Felcsút Foundation for Developing Talent (Felcsúti Utánpótlás Neveléséért Alapítvány-FUNA), otherwise known as Puskás Academy, has been planning to build the hall for a long time. According to plans, the building will host pitches with both artificial and wooden turf and it will be home to a conference center.

The original estimate for building was HUF 2 billion, but Figyelő puts the new amount at HUF 6 billion (USD 2.1 million), based on documents submitted to the Hungarian Football Federation (Magyar Labdarúgó Szövetség – MLSZ). For the record: Pancho Arena itself cost HUF 3.8 billion.

The papers revealed that next to the pitches, the Felcsút Foundation also plans to build a boxing ring, a gym with machines, a warehouse, changing rooms, a doctor’s office, a buffet, kitchen, meeting and conference rooms.

Paid from tax money

Part of the money will be covered by MLSZ, using 100% tax deductible donations from companies (TAO) seeking to curry favor with Hungary’s ruling party.

The village is also home to a narrow-gauge railway, being investigated by the EU.