Origo founder and editorial board member to resign in protest over sacking of editor in chief

June 4, 2014


Monday’s sacking of Origo.hu editor in chief Gergo Saling has prompted Origo.hu founder and editorial board member Peter Gyorgy (pictured) to resign in protest.  Gyorgy believes Origo will no longer be a real source for news.

Gyorgy started working for Matáv (Hungarian Telecom) in 1996 as a consultant, convincing company executives to expand into internet content and distribution. Origo.hu was launched in 1998 thanks in large part to his efforts after he assembled the website’s first editorial board. He has played an instrumental role in the publisher’s decision-making ever since.

Gyorgy says he saw no other option after the way Saling was fired late Monday night.

Origo.hu’s publisher, Origo Zrt., has denied allegations that politics had anything to do with Saling’s dismissal but many writers at the website believe otherwise. The Office of the Prime Minister reportedly approached Origo Zrt. through parent company executives to complain about content that cast the government in an unfavorable light.

The government of Hungary had been pressuring the popular internet-based newsite for more than year.  A recent string of articles about State Secretary Janos Lazar’s luxurious travels appears to have been the straw that broke the pheasant’s beak, resulting in Saling’s termination.

Peter Gyorgy told 444.hu: “I cannot express how concerned I am for Hungary’s internet journalists.”

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