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Oxford professor Peter Rona bemoans unethical state of Hungarian politics

“Hungarian political, social, and economic life has reached rock bottom morally.”

Hungarian Oxford Economics professor and Ökopolis Foundation co-chairman Peter Rona told Egon Rónai of ATV last week that as the head the committee advising liberal party LMP (Politics Can Be Different) on programmatic matters he was not involved in the politics of coalition building.  In response to whether LMP would cooperate with the Together 2014 led coalition of opposition parties, Rona replied “Hungarian political, social, and economic life has reached rock bottom morally” adding that Hungary “lives in an ethical swamp that will lead directly to poverty. If it cannot recover its conscience . . . then unconscionable things will happen.”

As an alternative to government mandated reductions to household utility costs, Rona proposes government-backed schemes to insulate homes.  “It’s common knowledge that Germans consume 43% less energy per cubic meter on heating.”  In Rona’s opinion such a program is more sustainable than the current government program in that it would create jobs in addition to decreasing household energy bills.

Ötlet a devizahitelesek megmentésére. ATV Start., 4 October 2013.

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