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Paid political activists intimidate opposition candidate in Baja election

Television crews capture Fidesz activists following joint opposition candidate around town.

Joint opposition candidate for mayor Melinda Teket says Fidesz activists intimidated her in the days leading up to the recent by-election in Baja.

According to Teket as many as five cars followed her around town and filmed her canvassing voters.  On at least one occasion one of her pursuers entered a household she had just left without being invited in.

She believes their goal was to exert psychological pressure on her and her supporters.

She explained that the vehicles’ occupants were “young people from Szolnok” who “arrived to Baja ten days before the election” claiming to be Fidesz election monitors. Teket told a visibly shocked Olga Kalman that the individuals in question claimed to be acquaintances of Fidesz party director Gabor Kubatov.  “Fortunately, they did not consider the high level of media attention in the Baja election, nor did they expect that I was almost always accompanied by one television crew or another.”

According to Teket on the Saturday before the election not one but two cars followed her at all times leaving her little choice but to summon the police and file a formal complaint. She believes her civil liberties have been violated.

When asked how the people of Baja responded to what had happened, she said that some of the residents are angry and had decided not to vote, adding that most of them “laughed it off.”

Teket’s statement follows allegations that Fidesz activists transported voters to polls and offered members of the Roma minority communities firewood, sugar, and even cell-phones in exchange for their vote.

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