Parents of Budapest 1st district mayor also live in council flat

June 15, 2017

The parents of the mayor of Budapest’s Castle District  live in the same renovated baroque house where his ex-wife rents an apartment, reports Hungarian news site

According to an anonymous source of’s, the parents of 1st District mayor Gábor Tamás Nagy (Fidesz) live in the same apartment where his ex-wife’s company Forensis Consultum Provider Ltd.has been registered since 2009.

The apartment is on the ground floor of a council-owned landmark building that underwent HUF 210 million (USD 760,000) worth of renovations between 2011 and 2013, including the modernizarion of the ground-floor apartments. The building is 800 meters from Nagy’s council flat, which he rents at below market value from the 2nd District government.’s reporters managed to get inside the building and found that Nagy’s parents make no secret of the fact that they live in the supposed headquarters of Forensis Consultum. Both the letterbox and the door bear the names of both the company and the married couple. Although Nagy’s parents were visibly at home, they did not answer the doorbell.  Later a neighbour confirmed that the mayor’s parents live in the flat.

Eventually, the reporter managed to contact Nagy’s mother by telephone, as it turned out that the only telephone number assigned to the apartment was registered under her name. Mrs. Nagy confirmed that she lives there with her husband.

When asked why they lived in the rented apartment of an unrelated company, she responded that it was a “joint rental” without offering any details.  She said she does not think that anybody cares about this topic, and declined to divulge the details of the joint rental agreement or say who pays the apartment’s costs.

Mayor Nagy, who is under investigation for alleged misappropriation of funds, provided written answers for’s questions. He wrote that his parents established a joint rental relationship with Forensis Consultum in 2015 through lawful procedure. “The district’s asset management is run according to the law, and so it was in this case,” Nagy said.

This is the third occasion recently when it has turned out that Mayor Nagy provides council housing for his relatives and business partners at substantially below market price.  Last week it was revealed that the Fidesz-tied luxury car rental company Valton Master-Car also rents an apartment in the same baroque house on very favourable conditions.

By remarkable coincidence, Valton happens to be the Christian name of the mayor’s mother.