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Péter Boross: “Fidesz has reached total maturity, both intellectually and morally.”

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Tibor Végh

Pro-government propaganda outlet Magyar Hírlap has published an interview with former Prime Minister Péter Boross, who succeeded József Antall (Hungarian Democratic Forum, MDF) upon the latter’s death in 1993. Boross is something of a controversial figure. In addition to making racist comments on immigration, the former prime minister has repeatedly praised Hungary’s interwar period, downplaying the complicity of the interwar government in the Holocaust and supporting efforts to rehabilitate controversial wartime leaders.  He even agreed to officiate at a special birthday mass for Regent of Hungary Miklós Horthy (1920-1944) on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, before it was called off at the last minute.

Boross offered the following observations to the pro-government print daily:

What’s at stake in the April 8 general election

“If Fidesz-KDNP, which has united the right, does not win, the country could end up in chaos similar to what existed right after 1919. Moreover, it is important that [Fidesz] win by a large margin, because any other result would throw the country into peril. Those in opposition who wish for a change in government actually wish for their own demise.”

On Fidesz-KDNP

“Earlier, I was critical of Fidesz for losing two elections. Today, I see Fidesz has reached total maturity, both intellectually and morally.”

On the Hungarian government’s response to the refugee crisis

“Unlike the opposition, what the government is doing with respect to this issue is in total conformity with Hungarian traditions. It does not matter how large or how rich the enemy is, the national interest is so strong it can still prevail despite the opposition. Moreover, Western Europe is showing the symptoms of civilization that is dying out.”

On migration

“It’s time to wake up. To include other nations [in Hungary] would destroy [Hungary].”

“When they say that immigrants can solve economic problems, they don’t know what they are losing. Values can disappear. For instance, the intellectual decline of the West has caused the demise of the high school education, and this is something that is rearing its head here. It is certainly something we see in public life. Half-witted politicians, without having ever accomplished anything, appear on [television] and say all kinds of nonsensical things. The demise can be felt on a societal level.”

On the Open Society Foundations’ George Soros:

“What Soros is doing is a special blend of mental disorder and flamboyance. I think he really believes that it would be good if the nations of the world were to mix. But the problem here is that the war will not start among nations, it will start in the cities. We already see the signs of this.”

Benjamin Novak :