Péter Juhász calls for “largest anti-corruption protest” to date

February 21, 2015

Juhász Péter

At a press conference held today in front of the National Investigator’s Office, political activist Péter Juhász announced he was organizing a demonstration for March 8 to protest the refusal of Hungarian prosecutors and police to investigate official corruption.

On December 29 the co-chairman of opposition party Together filed a formal complaint with authorities over the sale of Budapest District 5-owned real estate at below fair market prices.

According to Juhász the Attorney General’s office forwarded the documents to the Budapest Chief Prosecutor’s office, which ordered the preparation of “supplemental material to the complaint” from the Budapest Police Captain’s Office.  From there the documents were sent to the National Investigation Office (NNI), which rejected the claim.

Juhász said the NNI did nothing other than look at the companies’ websites and examine publicly available information, as well as request copies of the relevant district ordinances.

He called the decision not to investigate “illogical” and said it contained “lies with respect to concrete deeds,” citing as an example that whereas one of the district’s committees issued a decision allowing district property to be rented out (and subsequently sold to the tenant) in the absence of a public tender, the NNI claims in its decision that no such deed took place.  Juhász points out that the properties in question were resold within a few months of being purchased from the district by the tenant, often for twice the original purchase price.

Juhász announced that he expected those who are outraged over the fact that Hungarian state organs “do not serve the interests of citizens” to attend the March 8 demonstration, which he said would be the largest anti-corruption protest to date.  He denounced as “treason” the refusal of people “hiding in official uniforms” to do their jobs and investigate corruption.