Péter Juhász: "We will stop the government of corruption together!"

March 9, 2015


Translation of the speech delivered by Péter Juhász, oppositionist Hungarian MP (Együtt) at the Anti-corrpution protest of 8. March 2015.

Welcome, good evening to everybody!

I did not think that there will be more than five thousand people in attendance, this is why the sound is like that, and I would like to apologize. I promise, that next time, we will prepare for a much larger protest!

Because we will not let them steal everything from us. Because this is what they are doing. They stole our land, they stole our tobacco shops, they steal everything from us that gets into their sight. There are some things however, that they cannot steal. This is why we distributed these stickers. Put it over the things that they cannot steal, that they cannot take from us. They cannot take away our eyes with which we see what they are doing, they cannot take our ears, and we will hear when they discuss their thieveries. And they cannot take our heart, we will fight against them, together, all of us.

(Crowd cheers, chanting “We will not allow it!”)

Here and now, we are showing an example. An example, that even if opposition in Hungary is fragmented, but we are able to stage a protest together. We had a speaker from the Democratic Coalition, a speaker from Dialogue for Hungary, from Együtt, we invited Politics Can Be Different as well, they declined (crowd loudly booing), there were others however who signed up, so next time, there will be even more parties speaking at our rally. And there were civilians as well, so far not being able to join or vote a party, but they are important as well, probably even more important, as we will stand together for our cause, that is that they are not allowed to steal from us. We will not let them steal Hungary!

(Crowd cheers, chanting “We will not allow it!”)

Today, the biggest problem is not corruption in itself. As we enumerated here, by today, they have stolen everything, or they are trying to steal everything but the greatest problem is that they have captured the state itself. Fidesz has pocketed the state itself, and this is why the National Bureau of Investigations publishes lies in a text that should be a basis of a criminal investigation! Publishes lies in its official decision and is not investigating. This is why Péter Polt [the attorney general of Hungary] (crowd boos loudly) admits that since he is in charge of the attorney general office, anti/corruption investigation have been decreased by one-third. He admits it. He is cheeky enough to admit that he knows this. He investigates himself, as Ildikó Vida (NAV director) did, and as every single one of them did. We will not let this happen! We will not let this! We will not let them take away our country.

(Crowd loudly chants: To the prison with them!)

What is the worst of it all, and this is the most important, Viktor Orbán has admitted to all of this. He admitted speaking to diplomats, that they should not pay attention to what he says, but to what he does. We do pay attention to what he is doing. We are closely watching it. He behaves like a lowlife gamble in some underpass who is trying to impress us with his game of cups and balls, while he takes the money. This is the level Viktor Orbán is at right now, the level of a lowlife gambler in an underpass!

(Crowd loudly booing)

There were many who fell for his tricks in the beginning. They thought that there is some higher purpose behind all this. They believed him, they believed him, and there are probably many who still believe him, and this is why it is very important for us to spread the word: he lied. Viktor Orbán lied. There was only one higher purpose of what he did, and this is highest possible proportion of stuff to take away! There was nothing else, just this.

He lied to every Hungarian, he is not our prime minister, but the the prince of thieves!

(Crowd loudly cheers, chanting:To the prison with them! Others chant “Resign!”)

Well, try and make up your minds then: Prison or resign? Or both, one after the other? To the prison!

(Chanting continues)

So the situation is now, that we are watching what Viktor Orbán is doing. But he is utterly wrong if he thinks that were are watching and will do nothing about it. We will not do this.  We will confront him, and stop him and his government. We will stop corruption and the government of corruption! We will not allow it!

(Crowd chanting: We will not allow it!)

This is why I am asking you–and take this seriously–we are many here now, but we will grow even larger. Already tomorrow I will initiate that parties should come together, form an action committe, or call it whatever you want, with which we will organize a nationwide protest in twenty days time for the 28th of March!

(Crowd cheers)

On the 28th of March, we will organized a nationwide protest, involving every party and all civil organizations. Help me in this!

(Crowd cheers chanting: We will be there!)

We will be unstoppable! We will not be the ones who stop.  We will stop the government of corruption! We invite everyone to participate in all of the protests in the meantime. On March 15th there will be another, civilian protest in Budapest, Szeged and Pécs. Be there! Over the next twenty days each and every one of you should look around and uncover at least one corruption case! We will assist you!  We will create information points that you can come to and we will provide legal and professional assistance.  But we will have to work together. My party does this, every other party does this as well, and we will stop them!

Thank you all for being here in such large numbers.  We should be twice as many on Saturday, March 28th, here in Budapest and all around the country. In the meantime, unlike those in government, we will be working.