Petr Hájek: US orchestrating anti-Orbán coup d’état in Hungary

November 12, 2014


In a news piece today, state M1 television news cited an interview appeared in pro-government daily Magyar Nemzet citing Petr Hájek, spokesperson for former Czech president Václav Klaus while in office. Hájek drew parallels between the “toppling” of Petr Necas’s government in Prague and recent American corruption allegations against the Fidesz government. Necas’s Czech Conservative government got into a similar corruption case in 2012, at the same time they were asking the Russians to develop an extension of their nuclear power plant in Temelín.

Hájek said that he sees a similarity between the former Czech prime minister and Viktor Orbán in terms of their “independence”, and said that both of them are“guilty in the eyes of the US for not being obedient enough”.  Therefore he sees recent protests and discontent in Hungary as “the result of undercover US incitement against Hungary’s government.” The former presidential spokesperson added that “Operation Prague” removing Necas’s government over a corruption scandal was orchestrated by the CIA. So too was the 1989 Prague “Velvet Revolution” and recent events in Ukraine, according to Hájek.

Liberal called attention to the fact that Hájek is not a credible source, as the former Communist era journalist drifted away towards the far-right following the 1989 regime change in Czechoslovakia.  By the 2000s he was already promulgating anti-US and anti-liberal conspiracy theories. He thinks, for example, that 9/11 was an “inside job” and that Osama bin Laden never existed as a real person. Hájek also claims that climate change and evolutionary biology are also “hoaxes”.

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