Pintér wants two-year prison sentences for users of encryption software

April 1, 2016


The government wants to criminalize the use of encryption software and make it punishable with a two-year prison sentence, reports Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet.  According to documents obtained by the print daily, the government would punish anyone using information technology services that provide users with encrypted communication channels.

The Ministry of the Interior, headed by Minister Sándor Pintér (pictured), plans to go even further by requiring internet service providers to turn over the IP addresses and personal information of encryption software users. Should service providers not do so, they too would be subject to jail of up to two years.

The ministry’s proposal would also grant law enforcement the authority to install audio/visual and detection instruments in places “of significant importance to the operation of the government” and other areas designated by the government.

The government will hold talks with parliamentary parties today to try and garner support for the anti-terrorism legislative package, writes the print daily.