Police arrive one hour after grand opening of Two-Tailed Dog Party pub

August 30, 2017

Photo: hvg.hu

The Hungarian Two-Tailed Dog Party (MKKP) held a grand opening for a pub it opened around 6 pm Tuesday in Budapest’s District VII, but police arrived within the hour, hvg.hu reports.

The bar on Garay Square, called “Inn for Free Beer”, connects to the offices of the party, which has gained fame over the years for using satire and sarcasm to draw attention to problems and absurdities of Hungarian life. HVG journalists on the scene asked the arriving police officers why they had come and whether an investigation was taking place, but no details were provided.

It’s not the first time the party has run into trouble with the law: MKKP activists have been fined numerous times for painting the cracks in sidewalks across Hungary to draw attention to the deteriorating conditions of public infrastructure. Many municipal councils have put tremendous effort into punishing or at least deterring MKKP activists. Hvg.hu also reports that earlier this month, the party received a notification from the city of Kaposvár that it owed a HUF 50,000 (USD 200) administrative fine for an unspecified offense.