Police ask Jobbik spokesman to provide concrete evidence that George Soros has committed crimes

October 31, 2017

Police ask Jobbik's Mirkóczki to provide concrete evidence that George Soros has committed crimes
Photo: Facebook/Mirkóczki Ádám

Jobbik spokesman Ádám Mirkóczki was called in for questioning by police last Friday, but not for suspicion of having committed any crime. The police wanted to know whether Mirkóczki could provide any concrete evidence to justify his request for a full investigation of the activities of Hungarian-American financier and philanthropist George Soros.

Mirkóczki filed a criminal complaint against the Open Society Foundation’s George Soros in the first half of October, basing it on recent statements made by numerous senior Fidesz officials that Soros had authored a plan that endangered Hungary and Europe at large. The Hungarian government has launched a National Consultation on what it calls the “Soros Plan”, and has painstakingly concocted a narrative whereby Soros is executing his master plan to import millions of migrants into Europe with the cooperation of the highest European institutions.

Mirkóczki’s criminal complaint against Soros, which he has openly acknowledged as an attempt to discredit the government’s “Soros Plan” campaign which he calls “an enormous lie and a brainwashing [campaign],” includes crimes such as conspiracy to violently upset the constitutional order, conspiracy against constitutional order, destruction, high treason, and sedition. If Soros really does present such a threat to Hungary as the government claims, Mirkóczki argued, then there should be a full investigation.

He told mno.hu that the National Investigations Office (NNI) called him last Friday and he went in Monday morning for questioning. To his surprise, the officers asked him whether he possessed any concrete evidence to support the allegations he’d made against Soros. Mirkóczki referred the officers to the Fidesz officials he’d quoted in his complaint.

“The fact that the NNI called me in and not the governing party politicians referred to in the complaint implies two things,” he said. First, that the authorities presumed that any relevant and direct information which would support the government’s propaganda had been concealed. Secondly, that “Hungarian authorities don’t have any kind of information at all that George Soros is planning to commit those crimes that the Fidesz campaign reports as facts.”

Mirkóczki maintains that if the NNI does not investige Soros, it proves that government propaganda involving the billionaire is nothing more than a bluff.