Police find no crime in Fidesz-KDNP councilman embezzling student money

November 16, 2017

Police find no crime in teacher taking student money from school and keeping it at home
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Police ended an investigation of a teacher at the Szemere Bertalan Elementary and High School in Budapest who took home HUF 3.67 million (USD 13,900) of student money. According to police, no crime was committed because, while the teacher used part of the money, he ultimately repaid it, reports hvg.hu.

The money disappeared from the bank account of the school’s foundation, Szemerések a Szemeréért Alapítvány (Szemere Students for Szemere Foundation). András Király, a Fidesz-KDNP member of the legal committee of the local council, was the only person apart from a teacher at the school who managed the finances of the foundation. As the vice-president of the foundation’s curatorium, he was the only one who could have accessed the money in the bank account with a debit card and periodically withdrawn cash, which was how the money slowly disappeared from the account.

Hvg.hu exposed the misappropriation in May. The curatorium reported what had happened, and a police investigation began to determine whether the councilman’s actions constituted embezzlement, but found no criminal act.

Hvg.hu got access to the October 26 police document that terminated the investigation because “based on the data, no commission of a crime can be determined.” Király testified that he used a certain amount of the money but kept the rest of it in a box at home. The police also found that the fact he had paid back the money was proof he had committed no crime.

The school, on the other hand, said HUF 436,000 (USD 1,654) is still missing, and that Király’s cash withdrawals cost a further HUF 50,000 (USD 189) in transaction fees. The curatorium will appeal the termination of the investigation but reportedly cannot afford a lawyer. Király has since resigned as a member at the local council and is now teaching in another school.